Passages Series

Painting has always been a way of connecting with others and expressing myself honestly often more fully than verbally.
Opaque Connections: Acrylic on canvas, 30x40, $800.00
Organic Magic: Acrylic on Canvas

Organic Magic: Acrylic on Canvas,

20 x 24, $400.00

Inside Out: Acrylic on Canvas

Inside Out: Acrylic on Canvas, 


Subway Music: Acrylic on Board

Subway Music: Acrylic on Board


Symphony: Acrylic on Canvas

Symphony: Acrylic on Canvas,

30 x 40, $800.00

Color Play Blue: Water Color and Gouache

Color Play Blue: Water Color and Gouache, 11 x 14, $100.00

Geometric Passage: Acrylic on Board, 12 x 16, $200.00

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