Josephine G. Viviani ~ Artist

I am

Josephine G. Viviani

life long painter, learner and collaborator.

After my BA in fine arts and a Masters in Education, I worked with students of all ages in the School District of Philadelphia. Eventually I mentored and coached adults in the district and at universities in the city, teaching undergraduate and graduate art education students.

In recent years I have developed my studio practice, and I continue to push my learning and expertise. Creating art has been my life’s work while exploring and building a personal creative voice. The authentic expression of hands, heads and hearts working together influence my creative process. I’m thrilled when my work also excites others.

Popular Paintings

These popular paintings are reflective of the variety of media, techniques, and subject matter that influence my art making.

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jviviani@comcast .net


Stenton Guild Arts Building,
4732 Stenton Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

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