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Welcome to my website.

To fellow creatives, friends and patrons, please explore each page of my site to view the variety of artworks available in different media, subjects, and styles. Enjoy the many differences, the energy and enthusiasm in my drawings and paintings.

In Awe

Fire and Ice


My most recent works reflect my move toward abstract painting, exploration and experimentation with value, design, color and expressive line. Incorporating the human figure, hands and faces as well as landscape and nature are areas of most interest to me.
Yellow Pizzazz

Yellow Pizzazz

My Story

My work reflects my joy in the process of painting and drawing. Expressive abstract paintings and works of abstracted realism of figures and landscapes reveal my interest in nature and the play between color, form, value, and line.

Josephine G. Viviani


Some of my most important works are those done in creative collaboration with diverse groups of artists towards a common goal. See examples of these projects here.
creative collaboration

Graduate Students Collaboration


Classic Repose

Organic Magic

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