Artist’s Statement

My creative works reflect the integration of my experiences as an educator with my true joy in rendering the human form in multiple ways, and my play with color, form, and line. I am intrigued by the variety of expression found in the study of heads and hands. The links between our head, hand and heart reveals the emotional well being of our universe. The dialogue and interplay between these elements are reflected in my work – from “Angel of Empathy” to “4U”, as witness and guardians.

In response to the range of emotional turmoil experienced recently, the eclectic collection of work reveals part of my divine ennui.  From deep despair, grief, and sorrow, to appreciation, revelation and celebration, my works soar on the slipstream of imagination. The works are a wish for redemption and well being for us all, a visual prayer, and connection to our mutual inheritance of loss.Enjoy my works with your own emotional and perceptual brilliance. My works are dedicated to the memory of five people whose friendship and uncommon grace made a difference in so many lives. I celebrate their lives here.